We enable Startups to scale 10x faster into new markets through our 3C-Model while building bi-directional innovation bridges around the world.

At Mainstage Incubator we believe that if you want to go far and fast and become a global company, you need to use the three C’s (Culture, Contacts & Cooperation) in a local context in order to expand successfully into new markets.


Culture: We help you understand local cultures in new markets through workshops and webinars around market-specific knowledge on sales, fundraising, product-market fit strategies etc.


Contacts & Clients: Thanks to our vast enterprise network, we deliver you leads and sales meetings 10x faster right from the beginning. At the same time we support you with contacts to local workforces, investors and any other contacts that you might need.


Cooperation: By using our bi-directional innovation bridges around the networks of our global startups, mentors and advisors, you can use our virtual open space technology to connect and cooperate much faster on any problem or idea.

Our Launchpad Program

During our introductory call and deepdive conversation we will determine
together into which launchpad program your startup will fit ideally:

1. Pre-Incubation

  • A. Eligibility: Meant for Startups in the Ideation to Prototyping Phase
  • B. Duration: 12 to 18 months
  • C. Includes: F2F / Virtual Mentoring, Coaching and Guidance on scaling globally and building a Global Company
  • D. Outcome: Product Market Fit within local ecosystem

2. Virtual Launchpad

  • A. Eligibility: Startups who are generating revenue within their local geography, have a few paying customers and demonstrate a strong product market fit.
  • B. Duration: 9 to 12 months
  • C. Includes: Customer Acquisition, Pitching, Tech, Strategy, Legal, Networking, Connections (Private and Govt level) & Angel Funding Support.
  • D. Outcome: Completion of 2 or 3 Paid POCs

3. Scaleup

  • A. Eligibility: Startups who have completed at least 2-3 POCs with us or Companies who have existing customers in the International space.
  • B. Duration: 24 months
  • C. Includes: Funding Support, Business Deals, Setting up offices internationally, International Recruitments, Legal and compliance support
  • D. Outcome: 3 or more large scale projects

4. Global Expansion

  • A. Eligibility: Large organization setting up branch offices.
  • B. Duration: To be discussed together
  • C. Includes: Relocation Support among other supports
  • D. Outcome: Become a Global Player

Mainstage Incubator Onboarding


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